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Course Curriculum

C1: Indices and Surds
Indices 1 01:00:00
Indices 2 00:20:00
Surds Expand and Simplify 00:45:00
Surds Rationalise the Denominator 00:30:00
C1: Algebra and functions
Solving Quadratic Simultaneous Equations 00:00:00
Completing The Square 00:00:00
Factorising Harder Quadratics 00:00:00
Solving Quadratic Equations 00:00:00
Solving Simultaneous Equations 00:00:00
Solving Linear Inequalities 00:00:00
The Discriminant 00:00:00
C1:Algebra and functions (Graphs)
Sketching Graphs 00:00:00
Transforming Graphs 00:00:00
C1: Coordinate Geometry
Finding the Gradient of a Line 00:00:00
Finding the Length of a Line Segment 00:00:00
Finding the equation of a line 00:00:00
Finding the Midpoint of a Line Segment 00:00:00
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 00:00:00
C2: Factor theorem and remainder theorem
The Factor Theorem and the Remainder 00:20:00
Algebraic Long Divisions 00:40:00
Dividing Polynomials Using the Grid Method 00:20:00
C2: Geometric Sequences and Series
Geometry Sequence 00:20:00
Geometry Series 00:20:00
S1: Representing Data
Combining Means 00:00:00
Interpolation 00:00:00
Variance and Standard Deviations 00:00:00
How to Calculate Outliers 00:00:00
Histograms and Scale Factor 00:00:00
Variance and Standard Form from a Table 00:00:00
S1: The Normal Distribution
The Normal Distribution Using Tables 00:00:00
Mechanics (M1)
Decision (D1)
The Normal Distribution Using Tables 2 00:00:00
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