Our Year 3  class covers all the maths skills needed for learners ages 7 to 8.

Interactive and engaging contents

With interactive drag and drop technology, dynamic content, out-of-the-box interactions, Skoolmaths offers everything you need to teach mathematics, enthuse today’s students, and provide a strong foundation for other maths-related subjects.

Course Curriculum

Number - number and place value
Counting 00:45:00
Ordering and Comparing Numbers 00:45:00
Place Value-100s, 10s, and 1s 00:45:00
Number - addition and subtraction
Addition and Subtractions 00:45:00
Number - multiplication and division
Multiplication Facts – A Quick Recall 00:35:00
Multiplications Number Bond 00:45:00
Multiplication Column Method 00:45:00
Grid Method Multiplications 00:45:00
Long Multiplication Partition Method 00:45:00
Division 00:00:00
Number - fractions
Fraction Tenths 00:45:00
Fractions of a Quantity 00:45:00
Calculating with Money 00:45:00
Perimeter of 2D Shapes FREE 00:45:00
Time and Timetable 00:45:00
12 Hour and 24 Hour Clock 00:00:00
Geometry - properties of shapes
2D Shapes 00:45:00
3D Shapes 00:45:00
Angles and Turns 00:00:00
Identifying Type of Lines 00:45:00
Interpret and Present Data 00:45:00
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