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Our Year 9 KS3 Maths is subscription-based learning that will allow unlimited access to all of the maths skills students learn in year 9!

Course Curriculum

Index Notations FREE 00:45:00
Laws of Indices 00:45:00
Add and Subtract Decimals 00:45:00
Add and Subtract Fractions 00:00:45
Negative and Fractional Indices 00:45:00
Standard Form 00:45:00
Calculating Simple Percentages 00:30:00
Linear Equations 00:45:00
Simultaneous Equations 00:45:00
Equation and Gradients of Straight Line Graphs 00:45:00
Distance Time Graphs 00:00:00
Ratio, proportion and rates of change
Compound Measures 00:45:00
Ratio and Proportions 00:45:00
Geometry and measures
Area of Triangles 00:45:00
Classifying Angles 00:20:00
Measuring and Drawing Angles 00:35:00
How to Calculate Volume 00:45:00
Calculating Capacity and Density 00:45:00
Locus of a Point 00:45:00
Probability Scale 00:45:00
Probability of Single Events 00:45:00
Probability of Two Events 00:45:00
Probability Tree 00:00:00
Calculating Averages 00:40:00
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