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Solving Linear Equations


  • 55 Interactive Slides
  • Three part lesson
  • Drag and drop independent activities
  • Interactive worksheet
  • Differentiated questions and answers

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Solving Linear Equations

Engage your ks3 maths class with this completely interactive maths lesson designed for your key stage 3 students. This digital resource will teach them how to solve linear equations using different methods including inverse operations and balancing methods. In this fun-packed lesson, your students will be able to understand that an equation is a statement that contains an unknown number and be able to find solutions for that unknown. This lesson is completely interactive with drag and drop activities that will engage and motivate your learners!


This Linear Equation digital resource contains:

  • 53 interactive slides with dynamic graphics that will engage your second grade students

  • Interactive Drag and Drop activities with instant learner feedback

  • Worksheets with answers included

  • Differentiated questions and answers

  • Can be used for Distant Learning

What learners will learn in this lesson:

  • Understand that an equation is a statement that contains an unknown number;

  • Solve linear equations using the inverse method

  • Use the balancing method to solve linear equations

  • Solve multi-step equations including equations with brackets

  • Solve problems in context

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