Area and Perimeter Year 4 Mastery

This fun-packed digital resources comes with lots of assessment opportunities and 6-page printable worksheet with answers included!



Want an interactive Area and Perimeter math lesson for your Year 4 students that will teach them how to measure and calculate the perimeter of a rectilinear figure (including squares) in centimeters and meters?

In this 40-page fun-packed lesson, your students will be able to find the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares. This lesson is completely interactive with drag-and-drop activities that will engage and motivate your learners!


The Area and Perimeter digital math resource contains:

  • 40 interactive slides with dynamic graphics that will engage your second-grade students
  • Interactive Drag and Drop activities with instant learner feedback
  • Worksheets with answers included
  • Differentiated questions and answers
  • Can be used for Distant Learning

What learners will learn in this lesson:

  • Calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes by counting squares on a grid
  • Calculate the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares
  • Understand that rectilinear shapes are shapes where all the sides meet at right angles
  • Calculate the perimeter of rectangles and squares from a given length and width, including using standard units.
  • Compare two or more shapes in terms of their perimeter.
  • Find the perimeter of compound shapes.
  • Solve problems in context.

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Joined recently and have been impressed with the resources available on this site. Thanks. Really useful for my KS3 classes.
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Richard Ryan Hernandez
“I use Skoolmaths with Primary students with learning difficulties working well below grade level, and one who needs assistance to read instructions, and this has been very useful. The lessons are quite intuitive, especially the drag and drop. ”
Rosemary C
Rosemary C
"This is always a useful resource for my lessons during distance learning. It's hard to find digital resources like these, so thank you for providing this! ​"
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