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Constructions and Angles

Teach your learners how to derive and use the standard ruler and compass constructions to construct line and angle bisector



This amazing interactive lesson on Constructions and Angles will teach your learners how to derive and use the standard ruler and compass constructions to construct line and angle bisector.

In this lesson, learners will be able to:

  • construct the perpendicular bisector of a line segment;

  • construct a perpendicular to a given line from/at a given point;

  • bisecting a given angle;

  • recognise and use the perpendicular distance from a point to a line as the shortest distance to the line;

  • Constructions: 30-degree angle;

  • Constructions: 45-degree angle;

  • Constructions: 60-degree angle;

  • Constructions: 90-degree angle;

  • Constructions: equilateral triangles;

  • Constructions: hexagon inside a circle

  • Constructions: perpendicular: point on a line

  • Constructions: triangles ASA

  • Constructions: triangles SAS

  • Constructions: triangles SSS

Teachers can use the lesson for whole-class teaching and learners can also use it at home.
There are lots of drag-and-drop activities on constructions as well as instant learner feedback.
The bundle contains 3 lessons in 75 interactive pages as well as lots of differentiated activities.

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Joined recently and have been impressed with the resources available on this site. Thanks. Really useful for my KS3 classes.
Richard Ryan Hernandez
Richard Ryan Hernandez
“I use Skoolmaths with Primary students with learning difficulties working well below grade level, and one who needs assistance to read instructions, and this has been very useful. The lessons are quite intuitive, especially the drag and drop. ”
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Rosemary C
"This is always a useful resource for my lessons during distance learning. It's hard to find digital resources like these, so thank you for providing this! ​"
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