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Factors and Multiples Digital learning


This is a lesson on factors, multiples, and prime, in which learners can recall and use factors, multiples, and prime numbers to find LCM, HCF, prime factors.



Factors and Multiples is a completely interactive lesson that will give your GCSE learners ample opportunities to practice their knowledge of factors and multiples. This amazing math resource comes packed with differentiated questions

In this lesson, learners will be able to use the concepts and vocabulary of:

  • factors (or divisors);
  • multiples;
  • common factors;
  • common multiples;
  • highest common factor; and
  • lowest common multiple.

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This lesson follows the National curriculum requirement for key stage 4 mathematics. Teachers can use the lesson for whole-class teaching as well as for home learning.
There are lots of drag and drop activities and assessment questions as well as instant feedback.
The lesson contains 38 interactive pages as well as lots of differentiated activities.

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