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Tally Charts Printable Worksheets




Tally Charts Printable Worksheets

This printable Year 3 math worksheets with answer keys open the doors to ample practice, whether you intend to extend their understanding of data handling, draw and interpret picture and bar graphs, there’s something to interest kids and keep them engaged.

5 Tally Chart Worksheets (6 pages each) contain counting tally marks, writing numbers, classifying pictures, drawing tally marks, paperclip and board activity, reading a tally graph, and word problems.

What learners will learn in this lesson:

  • Counting Tally Marks: Each worksheet has 10 questions writing numbers shown by the tally marks.

  • Drawing Tally and word Problems: Recognize and organize the objects and interpret the results. Draw tally marks to show the count in each category. Use the information on the tally graph to answer the word problems.

  • Classifying and Counting: Learners will classify the objects into given categories, draw tally marks and count the number of objects in each category.

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