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EYFS Ordering Lengths Worksheet

This free printable ordering lengths Worksheet give your pre-school learners ample opportunities to practice their skills on lengths and heights.

to, too, two Flashcards

This free English homophones flashcards give your learners ample opportunities to practice their skills on homophones.

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“This is always a useful resource for my lessons during distance learning. It's hard to find digital resources like these, so thank you for providing this! ”
Robert Fling
"Right for my child, This is the 4th option that we have used for this school year and it worked! My daughter is responsive to the lessons and is learning. "
Julie Beck
“I have been using Skoolmaths now for 6 months. Engaging and Easy to use and just what is needed to provide extra practice for my son. And he loves the activities! ”
Richard Ryan Hernandez
“I use Skoolmaths with Primary students with learning difficulties working well below grade level, and one who needs assistance to read instructions and this has been very useful. The lessons are quite intuitive especially the drag and drop. ”
Raymond Obinaju
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