Year 5 Number and Place Value Bundle

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This amazing Number and Place Value Bundle for year 5 students contains all programs of study for learners from ages 9 to 10 on all aspects of number work.

What will learners gain with this Number and Place Value bundle:

  • Identify the place value in large whole numbers.
  • Continue to use numbers in context, including measurement.
  • Extend and apply their understanding of the number system to the decimal numbers and fractions that they have met so far.
  • Recognise and describe linear number sequences, including those involving fractions and decimals,
  • and find the term-to-term rule in words.
  • Use the formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction with increasingly large numbers to aid fluency
  • Practice mental calculations with increasingly large numbers.
  • Practise and extend their use of the formal written methods of short multiplication and short division.
  • Apply all the multiplication tables and related division facts in calculations.
  • Use and understand the terms factor, multiple and prime, square and cube numbers.
  • Interpret non-integer answers to division by expressing results in different ways according to the context, including with remainders, as fractions, as decimals or by rounding.
  • Multiply and divide by powers of 10
  • Convert between units such as kilometres and metres.
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