Measuring Weights KS1 | Digital Activity | Worksheet Included


Want a completely interactive maths lesson that will give Year 2 learners ample opportunity to develop their skills in measuring weights?

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Want an interactive math lesson for your ks1 students that will help them to practice their skills in measuring weights?

This lesson is completely interactive with drag and drop activities that will engage and motivate your learners! It is part of the First Grade: Geometry Core Standard. The activities inside the resources can also be used for your second grade, third grade, and fourth-grade classes!



This Symmetry digital math resource contains:

  • 40 interactive slides with dynamic graphics that will engage your students
  • Interactive Drag and Drop activities with instant learner feedback
  • Worksheets with answers included
  • Differentiated questions and answers
  • Can be used for Distant Learning


What learners will learn in this lesson:

  • They will recognize lines of symmetry in shapes.
  • They will identify the correct line of symmetry in shapes and objects.
  • One-half of real-life objects are drawn in the grids. Students will complete the second half of each symmetrical shape with drag and drop.
  • They identify common objects that have symmetry.
  • They will create symmetrical shapes through drag and drop activities.
  • Given the English alphabets, learners will sort them into symmetrical and asymmetrical letters.
  • Learners will sort objects and 2D shapes into groups.


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Want a completely interactive maths lesson that will give ks1 ample opportunity to practice their skills in measuring weights? This is a year 2 lesson on measuring weights. In this lesson, learners will be able to choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure weight. They will also be able to compare and order weight.

This lesson follows the National curriculum requirement for year 2 mathematics

Teachers can use the lesson for whole-class teaching and learners can also use it at home.
There are lots of drag and drop activities on measuring weights, ordering weights as well as instant learner feedback.
The lesson contains 32 interactive pages as well as lots of differentiated activities.

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