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EYFS Maths Home Learning Pack

Engage your learners with over 330 fun-packed interactive EYFS Maths Home learning Pack digital activities packed with immersive learning!



EYFS Maths Home Learning Pack

Want an interactive EYFS Maths Home Learning Pack for early years maths activities that are packed with an immersive learning experience and dynamic content which will engage your preschool class?

In this fun-packed completely interactive lesson with drag and drop activities, your learners will be able to learn all the skills needed

What you will get with this pack:

  • 13 early years maths objectives with dynamic graphics that will engage your preschoolers;
  • over 330 preschool maths activities;
  • interactive drag and drop activities with instant learner feedback;
  • printable worksheets with answers included;
  • differentiated questions and answers;
  • can be used for Home Learning or adapted to develop more early years maths planning.

What learners will learn in this lesson:

  • how to describe how objects are positioned in relation to one another;
  • count objects and choose the correct number that represents the cardinality of each group;
  • recognize shapes or objects that the same or different
  • classify shapes or objects by color or size
  • learn that doubles mean ‘twice as many’
  • build doubles using different objects
  • use their understanding of doubles to sort doubles and non-doubles and more

The EYFS Maths Home learning Pack comes with:

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Joined recently and have been impressed with the resources available on this site. Thanks. Really useful for my KS3 classes.
Richard Ryan Hernandez
Richard Ryan Hernandez
“I use Skoolmaths with Primary students with learning difficulties working well below grade level, and one who needs assistance to read instructions, and this has been very useful. The lessons are quite intuitive, especially the drag and drop. ”
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Rosemary C
"This is always a useful resource for my lessons during distance learning. It's hard to find digital resources like these, so thank you for providing this! ​"
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Debbie Hands