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Year 1 Measurement Bundle


Engage your class with these amazing Year 1 measurement Bundle Activities and Worksheets with all programs of study on all aspects of measurement work.



Engage your class with this amazing Year 1 Measurement Bundle Activities and Worksheets containing all programmes of study for learners from ages 5 to 6 on all aspects of measurement work.

In this amazing bundle, Learners will be able to:

  • use the terms mass and weight, volume and capacity, interchangeably.
  • move from using and comparing different types of quantities and measures using non-standard units, to using manageable common standard units.
  • begin to use measuring tools such as a ruler, weighing scales and containers.
  • use the language of time, including telling the time throughout the day, first using o’clock and then half past.

The complete Year 1 Measurement Lesson Bundle includes:

Other Year 1 Maths Resources:

Teachers can use the lesson for whole-class teaching and learners can also use it at home.
There are lots of drag and drop activities and worksheets including instant learner feedback.
The bundle contains 6 lessons, lots of printable worksheets and over 250 interactive slides.

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